"Timely Tips"

When Working with Small Children

1. Introduce Yourself!

The children will be curious about who you are. Tell them your name, grade, age, and WHY you are reading to them. (Why are you? It's something to think about.)

2. Smile!!!! Be Friendly!

Most children coming to the program have never been to a high school before; this is a new experience for them and for some, it is scary. Put yourself in their shoes.

3. Be a Role Model!

Display appropriate behavior!!!

  • No Walkman
  • No gum chewing
  • No hats
  • Watch your language

Can you think of anything else? (I bet you can!!)
These children will be looking up to you. Remember, they will do what you do!

4. Speak clearly and slowly!

You want little children to understand you. Speak in language they can understand. Speak loud enough so they can hear you. Speak slowly so they can follow what you are saying. Practice in your own classroom first with your peers. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice makes you more comfortable on the day you present.

5. Discipline!

Yes, little children are sometimes hard to handle. You need to keep them interested and busy. Do NOT raise your voice. (Yes, do not yell!!) If things get out of control, request help from a teacher. Use common sense.

6. Have Fun! What you are doing is Wonderful!

You should be very proud of yourself!
You are sending a very important message about education!

Congratulations and Good Luck!