Task Description Sheet ~

Writing a Children's Book

Use the following steps to help you with your first book!
Good Luck!

Remember that this project takes time and effort!
Be patient and take one step at a time.

  • Review six to eight children’s books. Use the Literature Review Sheet to help you.
  • Steps when reviewing.
  1. Look at the book carefully. Do you like the lay out? Do the pictures catch your eye?
  2. Read the book. Does the story flow…is it interesting, funny, boring? Think as a child. Why would a child like it or dislike it?
  3. Does the story send a message or theme?
  4. For what grade would this book be appropriate? Why?
  5. How do the other members of your group feel about the book?
  • Review the five elements of the short story. (character development, creation of plot, setting, theme, and style). Do the books you are reviewing contain these elements? Give examples to your group.
  • Pick a partner and start thinking out loud! How would YOU write a book?
  • Think about the five elements of the short story. How would your ideas fit?
  • Create a schematic map and outline ideas for your book. Share those ideas with your partner and listen to your partner’s ideas as well.
  • Begin writing your first draft and edit with your partner. (continue with your second, third drafts, etc.)
  • Now think about illustrations. What pictures will you use to make your book more attractive? What sources will you use?
  • Ask your partner to critique your final draft.
  • Your final product should look "polished."
  • Your final product should be word processed, well written, including correct spelling, and punctuation.
  • When your assignment is completed, prepare to present your book to the class and to your Book Buddies.