The Walk

Students use research material and information gathered from the community to create a walking trail brochure highlighting local women. Walking to every site, they invite classes across the city to join them.

For more about Special #5 from Walk Her Way Along a Women's History Trail email Maria D'Itria, author and AT&T Teacher Disseminator.
Learning Standards
  • Conduct historical and social studies research.
  • Use technology to complete and enhance work.
  • Employ focused, coherent, and well organized writing.
  • Classroom Activities
    • Summarize information from student written biographies for the brochure.
    • Select photographs and illustrations.
    • List supporting individuals/groups to thank.
    • Select a clear, simple neighborhood map.
    • Mark each site location on map.
    • Choose a title for the Trail.
    • Hold a class contest for the logo.
    • Decide sequence of text and photographs.
    • Use Desktop Publishing program to design and print Brochure or arrange for printing.
    • Preview the walk with the class.
    • Invite other classes across the city to join in additional walks.

    Community Activities
    Sharing a brochure with the community creates awareness of women in neighborhood history.
    Students assume roles in writing, publishing,city planning and mapping.
    Student written biographies, photographs and illustrations, neighborhood maps, paper and tools for illustrating logos, final brochure, etc.
    Students use: Adobe PhotoDeluxe for scanning photos, illustrations, and map; digital camera for pictures of unrecorded sites; Claris Works for text; printer for final product.
    Teachers and students continue to assess and evaluate writing, contributions, and teamwork during the process of creating the final product
    Web Sites
    Boston Women's Heritage Trail
    Birthday Calendar Index by the Women's International Center