A Salute to Veterans

Studying the United States Constitution helps young people understand the real meaning of participatory democracy. Students prepare a "Bill of Rights Skit" and perform it at a Homeless Veterans Shelter. This experience encourages them to practice the responsibilities of citizenship and embrace the need for community involvement.

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Learning Standards
  • Understand the principles of democracy.
  • Comprehend historical source documents and materials.
  • Make connections between the past and the present.
  • Make effective oral presentations.
  • Classroom Activities
    1. Read literature sections on U.S.
    2. List, discuss, and role play each
        Bill of Rights Amendment.
    3. Read "Bill of Rights Skit" from We the
        People...The Citizen and the Constitution

        supplementary activities.

    4. Agree on production or acting roles for
        each student.
    5. Practice and prepare props and costumes.
    6. Perform skit for neighboring classroom.
    Community Activities
    Invite parents and school administrators to "Bill of Rights Skit" at Homeless Veterans Shelter. After performance, answer questions from the audience about the Constitution.
    By studying the story of the Constitution, students understand how elected officials write and pass legislature.
    Shh! We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz, 1987: G. P. Putnam; We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution, Level 1, 1997: Center for Civic Education; materials for props and costumes
    Students research The Bill of Rights on the Internet; identify their U.S. Congressional District and email their Congress Person about their We the People... constitutional studies.
    We the People... quiz evaluates Bill of Rights comprehension. Students and teacher write reflections on skit participation.

    Web Sites
    Students find information at the Center for Civic Education