Sample Declaration of Peace

We the undersigned students of

realize the importance of peacekeeping throughout the day.

To insure a safe and peaceful environment for everyone in our school community we pledge that we will follow procedures as outlined in the school's Code of Discipline.
To respect every student regardless of background or appearance:

We will use peaceful language.
We will control our tempers.
We will stay away from trouble.
We will avoid conflict.
We will use words to solve arguments.
We will organize peaceful games.
We will listen to all sides of a story.
We will use rules to resolve conflicts.
We will take turns.
We will use reason to convince people of our points of view.
We will do all in our power to act peacefully on our own.
We will follow the behaviors and attitudes of great Peacemakers.

Signed this __________ Day of _____________ Year of ______.