Techno Gardening

  Big Picture
High school students representing several languages and programs call their school beautification project The Multicultural Garden. They use technology to research and produce a sophisticated multi-media presentation for prospective students and community partners.

Biology, Environmental Science,
Grades 9-12


A school community garden transforms an arid school entrance and a dreary atrium into student-friendly environments. Involving many disciplines the collaboration provides opportunities for several scientific investigations. Students participate in labs that involve soil testing, design, location, composting, recycling, and planting. They address problems of food production related to soil quality and climate. Working together with visiting landscape designers, horticulturists, and scientists and consulting with soil specialists on the Internet enable students to plan and explore a variety of career choices. A computer slide presentation confirms the importance of their work.
Aida Quinones

Teacher Profile

Aida, a bilingual teacher, has taught science at Brighton High School for six years. She is a MetroLINC Technology Pioneer and team member of Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program. Aida’s past experience as an investigator at the Center for Disease Control helps her prepare students for careers in science.

Books and Materials

Plant Growth and Reproduction
, 1994: Center for Occupational Research Development, Waco Texas; Soil Testing Kit and LaMotte Soil Handbook and A Study of Soil Science by Dr. Henry D. Foth 1994: LaMotte Company; various chemicals, gardening supplies and tools, thermometers, pH probes, drafting supplies

Technology Tools

Computers, digital camera, scanner, overhead projector, LCD Panel, TV/VCR, 35 mm camera, PowerPoint, Internet


Special #1
Dishing the Dirt Part 1

Special #2

Dishing the Dirt Part 2

Special #3

Dishing the Dirst Part 3


Collaborating on common ground enables disparate school groups to break down barriers and build up school spirit. Sharing their cultural backgrounds, students use technology and oral slide presentations to inform visitors about their school’s new look. They exchange meaningful approaches and ideas on enhancing shared space and involve professionals and business partners in landscape beautification.