Design Worksheet

Worksheet for Designing A Database Record, Step By Step

Databases are computer programs that store and sort information in different ways. We will design a database record so we can solve a classroom mystery. Databases are like file folders, and inside the folders are records.

For instance, let’s say you want a class database. Label the database folder "My Class." Inside the folder, you will compile student information with each student having a record. If there are 25 students in your class, how many records are in the class folder (database)? On each record are fields. These are the information items you want to know about each student.

Let’s begin to design a record.
  1. Click on Start. Drag up to Programs. Select ClarisWorks. Select Database from the menu.
  2. You will see a screen that says "Define database fields." Your cursor should be blinking in the box called "field name." If it is not, click on that box.
  3. Type "Name" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  4. The "field type" box says "text," and since a name is text (a group of letters), leave that box alone.
  5. Click on Create button. You’ll see that "name" moves to the white box above.
  6. Type "Favorite Color" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  7. Click on Create button.
  8. Type "Favorite Food" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  9. Click on Create button.
  10. Type "Favorite Sport" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  11. Click on Create button.
  12. Type "Birth Month" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  13. Click on Create button.
  14. Type "Boy or Girl" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  15. Click on Create button.
  16. You now have 6 fields in the big white box. This last field is different.
  17. Type "# of pets" (without quotes) in the field name box.
  18. Click on the field type box (because we are now looking for numbers, not letters). Drag your mouse down until it highlights the word "number" and click. (In the field type box it should say "number.")
  19. Click on Create button.
  20. Now click on Done button.

You are now ready to input information into database records for each of your classmates. Once you have gathered this information, you can begin. To go from one field to another in ClarisWorks, use the TAB key or mouse. To start a new record for another student, hold down CTRL and R keys at the same time. Make sure you save your information!!