Election Planning List

Sample Planning List for Schoolwide Election

Students break into several committees:

  • Registration - Registering student voters grades 3-8 (or 3-5, 3-6 depending on school). Non-registered students cannot vote.

  • Publication - In charge of writing and publishing flyers, banners, brochures announcing registration period and election results. Also research and produce unbiased information packets on candidates.

  • Publicity - In charge of distributing all publications, contacting local media, and contacting local organizations (libraries, day care, teen, and senior centers,) about school's election campaign, coordinate voting information for parents.

  • Database - In charge of designing a database voting record which includes all registered student voters and demographic information to be used on election day.

  • "Little Kid" Election - In charge of designing a separate, more meaningful election for K-2 children. Ex.: Students produce a coloring book of cartoons or fruits, and "little kids" vote for their favorite cartoon, fruit, etc. Older students also design a simple paper ballot, personally conduct the election, and help children count ballots in respective K-2 classrooms.

  • Election Day - In charge of Election Day proceedings. With teaching and administrative help, students schedule voting procedures; assign people to check registrations, escort classes to and from computer voting areas, assist voters in using computer database ballots, and tally results for K-2 election and 3-8 political election.

    Principal's announcement of results is followed by post-election presentations of demographic issues. Copies of computer made tables, charts, and graphs are displayed in prominent school areas, sent home for parental information, and distributed to local organizations.