Literacy Poster Contest

Task Description:

1. Think about the definition and importance of literacy!
  • Why are some people illiterate and others not?
  • How did you learn how to read?
  • Write down responses to these key questions on paper.
2. Think about different ways you can promote literacy in your home and community.
3. Create a 9”X18” poster promoting literacy.
4. The poster should be bright, attractive, and an attention seeker! You want people to read your “advertisement”.
5. The TeachBoston class will provide paper.
6. Posters will be judged by Mr. Cummings, Director of Instruction.
7. Posters are due Tuesday October 12th.
Rubric for Grading
  • 4 = Superior work, student has done above and beyond what is expected.
  • 3 = Satisfactory work, student has done what has been asked.
  • 2 = Needs improvement, student did not fulfill all requirements.
  • 1 = Poor, unsatisfactory work, not completed on time.
  • 0 = No basis for evaluation, work is not completed.
___self-score ___teacher score
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