Shadowship Day

April 12, 2000 Dear ___________________________________,

________________________ is a student in my TeachBoston (School to Career) class and has requested you as a favored mentor on Teacher Shadowship Day. You have had this student in the past and s/he would very much like to visit you for the day.

The TeachBoston class was designed for students that have an interest in someday becoming a teacher. Students in this class have developed lesson plans, taught at Learning Festivals, mentored Read Aloud sessions and have read and reflected on many educational issues. Now students want to shadow a teacher for a day to learn more about the career. Would you be willing to accept this student as a shadow for one day on either May 8, 9, 10, or 11th?

Circle one:
If yes, please fill out the following and return in self-addressed envelope.
Teacher name: ___________________________________
School: _________________________________________
Room #: _________
Time to start:_______ Time to dismiss:_________
Phone # ___________________________

Date: ______________________

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

Mary Ellen Bower

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