Technology Check List for Parents and Students

(adapted from Boston Public Schools Technology Competencies for Students)

Summary & Overview

Students will work on the following competencies:

Use grade appropriate terminology

Observe safe & practical operation

Operate input devices (keyboard, mouse)

Use instructional software in various content areas

Point & click using mouse; use arrow keys, print file

Demonstrate knowledge of special keys (caps lock, shift, return)

Save file to desktop, hard drive data disk

Connect to Internet & use browser such as Netscape

Use bookmarks to store favorite sites for further reference

Retrieve information on a subject area topic via Internet

Students will perform Classroom Curriculum Related Activities in these subjects:

Social Studies - World War I

English Language Arts - Written & Oral Presentations

Students will use the following Software

Kid Pix, ClarisWorks, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint

Students will use the following Research Tools

Internet, Electronic Encyclopedias, Books, Classroom Interviews


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