Book List for Women Count

101 Careers in Mathematics Job (Classroom Resource Materials) edited by Andrew Sterrett, 1996: Mathematical Assn. of America

Everything You Need to Know About Math Homework by Ann Zerman, Kate Kelly, 1994: Scholastic

Great Careers for People Interested in Math and Computers
by Peter and Bob Richardson ,1993

Illustrated Math Dictionary: An Essential Student Resource
by Judith DeKlerk et al, 2001: Goodyear Publishing Co.

Madamn C. J. Walker: Self Made Millionaire
by Patricia McKissack et al, 2001: Enslow Publishers

Mathematicians are People Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians
by Luetta Reimer et al, 1990: Pearson Learning

Notable Women in Mathematics A Biographical Dictionary edited by Charlene Morrow et al, 1998: Greenwood Publishing Group

She Does Math!: Real-Life Problems from Women on the Job (Classroom Resource Materials)
edited by Marla Parker, 1995: Mathematical Assn. of America

The Tuskegee Airmen (Cornerstones of Freedom)
by Linda and Charles George, 2001: Children's Press

Women and Numbers: Lives of Women Plus Discovery Activities
by Teri Perl 1993: Worldwide Publishing Tetra

Women in Mathematics by Lynn M. Osen 1975: MIT Press


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