Women Count
Meeting Agenda

  • About the project
  • What's Next
  • Project Timeline


  • Select Mathematician of the Past - prepare brief bio.
  • Select Mentor - Mail or e-mail Invitation to speak or e-communicate with class.
  • Prepare Interview Questions.
  • Prepare Math Mentor Interview.
  • Create Gift Pin.
  • Create Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Interview Mentor.
  • Present or Send Thank you, Pin & Certificate to Mentor.
  • Select Grade 4 Math Buddies.
  • Begin math portfolio of Best Work for Virtual Math Museum.
  • Create Math Activities for Buddies.
  • Save Best Work for Virtual Math Museum.
  • Add Information to student Exhibit Halls for Virtual Math Museum.
  • MakePaper/Cloth Dolls (Optional).
  • Send info to Mentees for review before including in Museum.
  • Prepare and Plan for Virtual Math Museum Opening.
  • Present Information to Mentees and Teachers.
  • Give Math Kits to Grade 4 Buddies.
  • Present at Virtual Math Museum Opening.

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