Ms. Diggs Peer Leaders

Field Trip Permission Slip

On ________________________________,Ms. Diggs will take a group of Peer Leaders to the Boston Women's Memorial at the Commonwealth Mall and then proceed on the Boston Women's Heritage Trail Ladies' Walk.

Students will be responsible to travel on their own to Forest Hills MBTA stop where they will meet Ms. Diggs at 8:30 am.
The group will be at the site until noontime. We will break for lunch and proceed home via the MBTA. Ms. Diggs will dismiss the students at the Copley Square MBTA stop. Thank you.

Parent / Guardian permission. I _____________________________ parent / guardian of _____________________________________ student grant permission to my child to attend the field trip with Ms. Diggs on ____________________________. My child will be responsible to bring his/her lunch and will meet Ms. Diggs at Forest Hills at 8:30 am and be dismissed by Ms. Diggs at approximately 12:30 pm.

Teacher Permission Please initial & return to student.

1st period _______
2nd period_______ 5th period _______
3rd period_______ 6th period _______
4th period_______ 7th period _______

Home Room Teacher _______
Housemaster ______________

Thank you,

Ms. Diggs


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