Boston English High Students Visit Adams National Historical Park

Mr. Dan Daly
Presidents' Heritage Foundation

November, 2003

Dear Mr. Daley,
My teacher , Ms Mortensen, told each student to write a letter to you about our field trip to Adams House. This is my letter. I did not know where Quincy was, and I thought we were going for a long ride. I was surprised that it was near the train station. So that is the first thing I learned.

At first, I thought it was silly that the lady was dressed up and pretended to be Mrs. Adams. But after we went into the meeting house and met her husband John Adams it was fun. I was not too crazy about the hats but everyone had one to wear so it was OK.

I liked the Park Rangers who played Abigail and John Adams. John knew all the names of the reps when we voted and signed the Declaration of Independence after the debate.

I have read about this event in my history book, but I didn't really understand how important it was. I liked the way Mr. Adams talked. He was a smart man and became President of the UNITED STATES.

Sincerely, yours,

T……. G……….


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