1.     What is your name?


2.     Where were you born?


3.     Where did you grow up?


4.     Where do you live now?


5.     Where did you go to high school?  Did you mainstream or go to school with Deaf students?


6.     Where did you go to college?


7.     When did you graduate?


8.     Are your parents deaf or hearing?


9.     Do you have any brothers or sisters?  How many?  Are they deaf or hard of hearing?


10. Where do you work? 


11. What is your job title?


12. What are your job responsibilities?


13. What do you like best about your job?


14. What do you like least about your job?


15. Tell me about your successes—things you feel proud of.


16. Tell me about your challenges—things that were hard for you.


17. What advice will you give to high school students who want to become successful?

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