Action Plan - Learning Festival Career Presentations

Learning Festival on Thursday, May 30, 2002, beginning at 10 AM. Eighth graders from Edwards Middle School, other Charlestown High classes, and guests will attend.

Each student is expected to make a written and verbal contribution to his/her group project. This career presentation will be prepared, given and completely led by the students. Consider this the culmination of a group research effort with the opportunity to make a very real presentation to an eager audience. This is similar to experiences you will someday face in college and at work.

For each group please assign one person to be a leader in each task. Each group will be responsible for the following:

  1. Research Paper: Listing careers, career info, service opportunities
    (include web sites, books and magazines used) - to be distributed as handouts
  2. Presentation board: simple facts about your career field, pix of your group
  3. Produce a brochure or handout highlighting your information on careers and
    colleges and service opportunities for high school students
  4. Group expo: Present your career field, top careers, preparation for these careers, opportunities for experience, college requirements. Great time for your include your PowerPoint presentations.
  5. A short game or quiz - something fun and challenging, related to your topic (We will offer small prizes.)

Science and Technology
Special project: advantages of serving

We will need photographers, hosts and hostesses. Please sign up with your teacher.

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