Report on Career Interview 4/10/01

Mrs. Helen Hamilton and I had an Internet interview concerning the six most important questions when choosing a career. She is a computer consultant. The most important questions were about the salary and the job market demand. She said her salary can range from 0 to six figures. For instance, two companies will pay different amounts to get the same job done.

She said, "Sometimes, it's not about your education but about your circumstances." According to Ms. Hamilton, "demand for computer know-how is astronomical because every aspect of society uses computers. They need people like us to maintain them."

I really enjoyed this interview. She was patient and real. When I asked her if she reached her goal she stated and I quote: "I feel fine, maybe a little stuffed up, but you shouldn't let a career change who you are. It is only partially related to who you are." That answer really meant a lot to me.

Peer Tutor


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