What makes a good presentation?

Why you liked Dr. Taylor's talk:

Health C

Not sugar coated
Seemed like a good guy
Talked about something important (stressed the seriousness of it)
Gave feedback
Honest, knew his stuff, experienced, used to it
Told stories from real life
Effective, made an impression
Concern: Talked too fast (not enough time)

Health D

He has a difficult job
He was kool
Very clear with his information
Smart - knew his stuff
Informative - told stuff you wanted to know [Ms. Doremus said this was also called "relevant"]
Not uptight
Used visuals
Told stories from his own experience

Both classes expressed concern that there could have been more time. Some were disappointed that a few students were chatting too loudly and didn't represent Brighton High well. Everyone felt good about the presentation.

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