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Ms. Doremus

Internet Research Pre-Test

_______ Have you used the Internet for research before? [check for "yes"]
Which "search engines" do you use?

Do you know about using AND, + , as well as "quotation marks" when trying to narrow the number of web pages that turn up from a search?

What is "Google"?

What is a URL?

Please give an example of a full web address:

Do you know how to "cut and paste" from a web document into Microsoft Word?

How is it possible to remember, or document, the webpage for information that you find on the Internet? [This is important so that you give proper credit - otherwise it is plagiarism]


The Real Deal: Survey of Health Risks at Brighton High

Internet Research: Chlamydia and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)


1. Go to a "search engine" (such as, or
2. Type in the full name for HPV in the "search field," it can also be written human papillomavirus .
3. Go to the different links you find.
4. Answer these questions by reading them first.

As you read the information from the internet, write down any of the answers you find as you read them. It will be like taking notes. For homework you are going to take your notes and put them together in a complete way that makes sense. If you finish with HPV, find out what type of disease chlamydia is.

What is HPV? Who gets HPV? What are the symptoms? How long does it last?
Is there a cure? What other disease can HPV cause? How is HPV spread? How can HPV be prevented?

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