Health - Risk Assessment Project Name:
Ms. Doremus


We have started to talk about the way students at Brighton High communicate, or don't communicate, about sexually transmitted diseases. Many of you have just learned a lot more information than you knew before. This is a common issue for teenagers in every community across the United States. Practice this assignment today with someone in class. First one person asks the questions, then you switch and the other person asks and writes. To make it worthwhile, be as honest as possible. There are NO "wrong" answers. It's just your experience, which is just fine.

  1. "Have you ever talked about a sexually transmitted disease with another teenager? What were the circumstances, and how did it go?"
  2. "Have you ever heard about chlamydia? What is it?" "Have you ever heard of HPV - Human Papilloma Virus? What is it?

Write down the responses with as much detail you can without totally stopping the flow of conversation. Do NOT give the name….just the age, gender, grade and high school.

Over the next few days or over break, talk to at least 6 different high school students (they can be from Brighton High, or from elsewhere if you feel more comfortable). It's possible you may want to do it in private, so the person can speak freely. Speak to three young men and three young women, and ask them the same questions.

When you're done:

1) Write a brief reflection about what it was like for you to do this assignment.
2) List all the main points that were said by the people.
3) If there were any repetitions, count these and list them.
4) Notice if there were any patterns (similarities or differences) between guys and young women.
5) What did you learn about teenagers from this assignment?

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