Contract Agreement for
Room ___________
Ms/r. ____________________________

Mr. Enright's SNAP Exploratory Class

Start Date: __________________________________

Approval: Three days before start date.

Final Completion: ________________________________________

Total Fees Due: Because of an awarded IMPACT II grant, Mr. Enright and students will rehab and install pro bono.
Rehab Recipients will listen to project presentations by Voc Ed students.

References: Ms/r. ______________________________
Room _________________

Potential Inconveniences: Every effort will be made to work schedules accordingly for both parties. Snow days may interfere with completion date.

Description of contact arrangements:
_________ Install White Board Location_____________________
_________ Install Bulletin Board Location____________________
_________ Rehab Chalk Board Location_____________________
_________ Build Storage Shelves Location____________________

Removal of debris: All debris created from work will be removed before acceptance.
Warranties: Materials are subject to warranties under their conditions/manufacture. Labor is guaranteed for 1 year after acceptance.

Exceptions/Change Order Request: Changes require an agreement by both parties in writing. This potentially could delay the completion delay.

Signed in duplicate to allow both parties to keep a current copy of the contract.
Only sign contract if you fully understand all aspects of the contract.




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