Justice Journal

Mr. Greenfield

We are now moving on to the journal part of this course. I will grade all of your journal writing. But I will do so differently. Journal writing is different from writing an essay or a report. When you write an essay for homework or for a test you must prove that you have learned the information. With a journal, however, you must show that you are learning. Journal writing will help you to learn.

  • What I do not care about:
    1. grammar
    2. spelling
    3. punctuation
    4. that you have the perfect answer
    5. Formal writing

  • What I do care about
    1. Your ideas
    2. That you are writing a lot
    3. That you are thinking about our class (reflecting)
    4. Your observations about anything having to do with law and justice
    5. Include something you have learned from another class or the newspaper
    6. Questions
    7. Information (prove to me that you are doing your homework and classwork)
    8. Chronology (Date and number every entry)

  • How I will grade your journal:
    I will give you two grades every time I collect journals:
    1. Quantity: Did you write a lot? Are you expressing yourself?
    2. Quality: Did you answer the question appropriately? Are you learning the material? Are you stretching your mind and thinking in new ways?
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