Graphic Arts II Recycling Project
Brainstorming Activity

Please write your own personal thoughts about why a recycling program would be important to Brighton High. How can Brighton Design serve this project? Add any slogan ideas as you write.

Some responses to this were:

Be Clean or Help Clean
Students should have some negative consequences for littering in the school, like a "Steps Process" where they have to stay after and help clean. They should put recycle bins in the cafeteria.

It is necessary to recycle so that we will have more time on the planet! Don't destroy the environment. Don't destroy the planet.

The problem in school is that trash is everywhere and some students have mentalities that "janitors get paid to clean after them." The students don't have rules enforcing them to clean up after themselves. Most students don't really care about the school environment and how it affects us. That's why I believe that this project is productive, because this project not only educates us, it also help BHS. Students and staff spend almost 7 hours in school, not including after school hours. Therefore, we should treat this building like it was our own home.

Be smart. Be responsible. Be clean. Be respectful. Show respect to others as well as yourself.



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