Parks for Peace Checklist

To see if you deserve a Parks for Peace medal, check each statement that describes your behavior.

_______ I always go to the park with a parent, older relative, or babysitter.

_______ I read & obey posted signs about dogs, bike riding, hours, etc.

_______ I walk away from fights or other rowdy behavior.

_______ I make sure to use the trash baskets.

_______ I play safely around all playground equipment

_______ I treat each blade of grass, leaf, bush & tree with respect.

_______ I never speak to strangers.

_______ I report suspicious behavior to the adult I'm with or to an officer on duty.

_______ I respect the right of everyone to peacefully enjoy the park.

_______ I protect myself from the sun and insects.

_______ I use caution near the water.

_______ I take only pictures & leave only footprints.

What kind of Park Buddy are you?

12 checks You deserve a Parks for Peace medal.
11 - 10 checks Almost there! Keep working on that Parks for Peace medal.
9 - 8 checks You can do it if you improve some behaviors.
7 or less Take a deep breath, review this list, & try hard to go for the gold.

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