Garden Project - Bench Construction
A Math Problem

We are going to build two benches for our garden. Look at the drawings below, which drawwing diagrams the construction of the benches? Working in teams, figure out the amount of wood and cost for making two benches. Ideally you want to use the least amount of wood for bench constructions., as it will save cost.

Who can figure out this problem first? Who can make it the cheapest?

Do you have any suggestions on improving the design? Let's discuss them.

Wood price list (each piece of wood comes 8 feet long)

4 x 4 @ $6.34 legs of benches (four legs)

2 x 4 @ $3.27 sides of seat and middle supports

1 x 4 @ $2.76 tops of the seat


How much wood can you get out of one 8 foot piece?
You can make small changes on the bench if it helps you save cost, but not harm the strength.
We are making two benches…can you save wood in some places?
1st find out how many 4x4's, 2x4's and 1x4's we need for TWO benches.
2nd find out the total cost of the project.
Worthy changes that save costs are bonus points.

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