Excerpted Student Reflections on the Healing Garden

Why is it important for each of us to give back to our community with projects like our garden?

Not only is it a chance for us to give back to our community, but it is a way for us to feel like we did something together and know that it will always be there.
Jason D

It is important because we need to give back what they gave to us in the past. We are completing the circle of taking and giving.
Shawnda J

Once we started something good such as our garden other people wanted to join and take care of that space.
Danielle C

How does being part of the project make you feel?

It makes me feel good to be apart of this project. I felt I was a part of something. Like I made a difference.
Eric G

It felt good to do something hands on.
Jose M

Now I see myself changing and helping other people. Thanks for opening a lot of doors that I had in me
John C

Doing a garden project not only helps the community, but it does something for ones own creativity. This project has inspired me to plant my own garden.
Chandell E

Being a part of this project makes me feel good, like I am a part of a BIG family that gets along and doesn't mind helping each other out. I would never have done anything like this if it was not for the alternative program and my classmates.
John S

Being a part of this project shows that I have grown up a lot. Before, if I was asked to work as a team with others I would have a problem with it. Also I did not want to touch dirt and get dirty. This has all changed now. It was fun being a part of a team and working hard.
Maritza P

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