Room_________ Date____________________


Take notes during The Loring-Greenough House tour. Then answer the following:

1. Date built ___________________________________________________________

2. Name of first owner__________________

3. Is there a picture of him? _______ Where? __________________________________

4. What were his loyalties during the Revolution? _______________________________________________________________________

5. How did he make his money? ____________________________________________

6. Who took over the house when he left? _____________________________________

7. What was it used for during the Revolution? ________________________________ and ____________________________________________________________________

8. How long did the Greenough family own the house?

9. Who was Ann Doane?______________________________________________

10. Why was it unusual for her buy the house?

11. Why is the Loring-Greenough House on the Boston Women's Heritage Trail?

12. What organization now operates the house? _____________________________

Room Check off

Name each room. Describe its use. List three things you will point out to tour visitors.

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Dining Room

Kitchen (notice the outline of the old fireplace)

Hallway staircase

Second floor


Spinning wheel room

Goodnough room

What part of the house is Colonial or Georgian?________________________________

What part of the house is Civil War period or Victorian? _______________________________________________________________________

What are some main style differences between Colonial and Victorian? ________________________________________________________________________


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