Helpful Hints for TOURS R US Guides

  • Smile. During welcome, share your name with everyone. Recognize attending groups: students, teachers, community members & our supporters.
  • Know your subject - Highlight at least 2 facts per room.
  • Keep group together. Use guiding gestures & body language. Smile.
  • Speak loudly. Address the back of the group.
  • Ask if there are any questions.
  • Be aware of other groups. Don't let them bunch up
  • Answer questions politely. If you don't know something, admit it & refer question to desk.
  • Keep your info checklist handy so that you won't forget important points. If you do forget, smile, and use check list as a reminder.
  • Make sure you say Thank you. Come again. Politely usher guests to drive way.

Remember: you probably know more than the guests.


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