Feedback Sheet on TOURS R US
Be a critical friend. Answer these questions about your tour guide partner's performance honestly and thoughtfully.

1. Name your tour guide_________________________________________

2. For each category please choose one: Excellent - Good - Needs Improving:

A. Projects Voice_________________________________________
B. Acts Courteously ______________________________________
C. Knows subject_________________________________________
D. Shows enthusiasm______________________________________
E. Kept group together_____________________________________
F. Asked for questions_____________________________________
G. Finished tour on time____________________________________

3. What did you learn that most interested you about the Loring-Greenough House?

4. What did you like least about the tour? (standing or the weather do not count)

5. Did this tour give you a better idea of how people lived 150 years ago? ______________________________________________________________

6. Would you recommend this as a history activity for next year? ______________________________________________________________



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