Workshop Activity - Pass it on ...

This poem was one of many written by the entire class during a workshop activity with Marlon Forrester, spoken word poet. Each student wrote a few lines before passing it to the next person. Various props and sounds were introduced as the poems circulated to inspire new modes of thought. The poems were then shared aloud and with every poem the students' own voices melded with those of their classmates to truly create a shared experience.

Class Poem - 11th grade
Ms. Irwin


I'm used to all this
Violence, urban massacre, minority struggles,
Why people cannot survive in this egotistical society.
Ain't we all?
Sometimes I think what is this world coming to? An end.
Maybe it is the beginning of happiness.
Why should I feel used to this?
The world is just now starting to evolve
And change for good or bad I don't know.
How fast life's moving, changes as fast as sound.
Sound is invisible but if you can see,
It's shaped like sunglasses.
Sound is invisible.
If you can't see it,
You can always hear it and feel it.
Sound cannot be obvious.

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