My Personal Nutrition and Fitness Plan

My name is Rachel, and I am currently a senior at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School. I have been at the Burke for the past four years. I have taken health and physical education classes that are beneficial to my health. My eating and exercising habits have not been consistently healthy. I plan to change those habits gradually as I move on into Bryn Mawr College in Fall, 2003.

I am going to follow an exercise program that is flexible with my school schedule with set times for workouts. I would like to do exercises that help me pursue daily activities. For instance, arm curls will help me with lifting everyday objects and will build my stamina. I want to do exercises that I can do in the comfort of my own room. I will do things like stretches, crunches, and curls with 15 -20 pounds dumbbells, and squats. But I am also going to take advantage of the athletic facilities. I will participate in aerobic classes, use their treadmills, bench presses, leg and hamstring extensions, fly machine and other muscle building enhancers. I also hope to get plenty of sleep and will try to avoid all nighters.

At the same time, I plan to adopt better eating habits. I want to develop greater endurance than I have now. I am physically weak, and it sometimes effects me mentally. Eating three meals a day will help me get through the day with the adequate amount of energy to function. Avoiding junk food will also help. Depending on nutritious eating habits will improve my health and fitness.

When my fitness plan comes into action, I will reap the benefits of a healthy state and an extended life.

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