Grade Five

Your teacher is asking you to evaluate the Learning Partner Program so that it can be improved for next year.  BE HONEST !! Your assessment of the good things and the not so good things will be very valuable in future planning.  Rate each item from 1 through 5.  1 is the lowest score and 5 as the highest.



How would you rate “Learning Partners” as a School Community Program?

2.    How would you rate the amount planning time you were given?


How well did your partner and you work as a team?


Do you feel that the books chosen captured the interest of your partner?

5.    How would you rate the effect of the LP’s on your self- esteem?


 How would you rate your permance as a mentor or tutor?


How likely are you to become involved in a similar program in sixth grade?

8.    How successful were you at helping your partner enjoy planned activities?

9.  How would you rate having Learning Partners more than one time per week?

10. Has this experience influenced you toward a career in Education?






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