Samples of Third Grade Writing with Writing Response Protocols

Running down the street
The rain charging at me
Like a pointy ice sickle
  It drops to the ground
Like a shattering glass
Written by:
    Billy D____ G_______
    Grade 3
    Room 206

Writing Responses:

I'm a Pumpkin Seed

When I was a tear drop seed I was slippery. I was in star market. When I met my owner. He was a farmer. His name was Matthew. When he gently put me in the soil. I turned in to a pumpkin plant. My petals were dancing. I'm a pumpkin now. I'm gold then orange. He plucked my vine. It did not hurt. I became flat and the next year my brother's will grow from my seeds.


Written by Michael S___________

Writing Response:

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