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CHESP Learn and Serve Adapter Projects

2004-05 was exciting for Boston Grant Awardees. Beginning with a CHESP Learn & Serve Conference where teachers met Higher Education and Community Partners and continuing on to another Conference where Teachers, Boston Student Advisory Council Members, and Higher Education and Community Partners, addressed Issues of Homelessness, the results will never end.

Here is a sampling of Teacher Adaptations of CHESP Signature Learn & Serve Projects 2004-05.

Mathematics in Architecture and Design - Amira Abdal-Khallaq
Adapted from Women Count in a Virtual Math Museum

Different Choices ~ Learning How to Serve Homeless Families - Claudia Bell
Adapted from Artists Act Against Homelessness

Cultural Exchange ~ First Steps toward Building Bridges of Understanding - Connie Borab
Adapted from Bringing Justice Home ~ First Steps towards Community Action

T.E.A.M. ~ Together Everyone Achieves More ~ Mentor Program - Diane Campbell
Adapted from Step into the Real World

School Servathon ~ From Seniors to Citizens - Samantha Dawson
Adapted from Reach-up ~ Reach Out to a Lifetime of Community Service

Students React ~ Homelessness: Somebody Else’s Life - Maria DePina
Adapted from Artists Act Against Homelessness

Making Waves ~ Women in Science Careers - Winifred Eke
Adapted from Women Count ~ in a Virtual Math Museum

Forgotten Elders - Jeannie Hollstein
Adapted from Story of My Life ~ Tapping into the Experiences of Senior Citizens

With Environmental Health and Justice for All - Kira Jewett
Adapted from Community Environmental Health Fair

Facing Homelessness in Our Community - Michael Lally
Adapted from Artists Act Against Homelessness

Using the Legislative Process to Make a Difference in Our Community - Audrey Schindler McDonald
Adapted from Don’t Just Dream - Act ~ Higher Education for All

KISS: Keep It Simply Socks for Homeless Kids - Shirley Schwarz
Adapted from Little Hands Help the Homeless

Women Artists Make Social Change - Gilda Sharpe-Etteh
Adapted from Women Immigrants in the Promised Land

Visions and Voices of Homelessness - Joan Syms
Adapted from Artists Act Against Homelessness

Think Safety - Jane Thom
Adapted from Safety Rules on the Playground

Bioacoustics in an Urban Setting ~ Listen Quietly - Christina Yee
Adapted from Circle of Life ~ Healing Garden

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