Writing a Film or TV Report


When you write a film or TV report, the outline is part of the prewriting process. It helps you decide what you're going to say and how you're going to organize your facts and ideas. To write the first draft of the report, you may need to turn the points on the outline into sentences and paragraphs.
Each main point of the outline (indicated by a Roman numeral) usually becomes the main idea of a paragraph.

I. Kind of buildings
  A. Apartment buildings
B. Stores
C. Post office

For example, the first paragraph of a report on the neighborhood could be written from the outline in this way.
My neighborhood has buildings of every size and shape. Some are more than thirty stories high. Beneath them, on the street level, are stores. You can buy almost anything in this one block - from a quart of milk to the newest records. At the end of the street, the post office, with its broad front steps and its flags, gives the whole neighborhood an official look.


Marie's Report
The opening paragraph introduces the film; the middle paragraph summaries it: and the closing paragraph tells what you think of it and why. Use this outline to write your report.

I. Introduction
  A. Title
B. Theme

II. Summary
  A. Main characters
B. Action

III. Conclusion
  A. My opinion
B. Rating

Your Report

On a separate sheet of paper, write one film report and two TV show reviews.
Be sure to include day and time of the TV shows and the date and times of movie.


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