Earthday Lesson Plan by Dan Savage, CityYear Corps Member
Peaceful Tree

Short story with an environmental theme (example: Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond)
Paper (pre-cut in the shape of a dove with punched holes)
Small 8" x 3" colored papers for Peace Messages
Transparent tape to attach Peace Messages to pre-cut doves
Markers or pencils
Sparkle Strings (pre-cut into 12 inch pieces to be tied through holes punched in the paper doves)
Pruned branches of tree species
Large 10 gallon water jug half filled with water
Examples of peaceful messages

1. Ask students "What is peace?" Discuss their responses.
2. Introduce a story with an environmental theme. Go over the responsibilities of a good listener and tell students, "If you can't listen, we won't have time to decorate the Peaceful Tree."
3. Read story. Make sure you read with expression, speak clearly, and point to pictures.
4. Discuss our friendship with Earth and listen to students respond to question, "How are you friends with Earth?"
5. Hand out paper and marker or pencil. Give some examples of peaceful messages and ask students to write theirs.
6. Explain that when they have finished writing, they should ask for a pre-cut dove, and follow these steps:

a. fold dove in half
b. tape message on dove
c insert sparkle strings through punched holes in dove
d tie dove to tree branches (that stand in water jug).

7. Demonstrate steps and be specific about folding wings.
8. Congratulate each child who contributes to Peaceful Tree.


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