Directions for Flag Quilt

This project wraps up a year of service learning.

- w
hite paper (standard size 8 1/2 x 11 inch)
- pencil, crayons, markers
- student scissors, good fabric scissors
- 13"x13" squares of red, white and blue fabric for quilt backgrounds (when sewn they will be reduced to 12"x12")
- Heat-n-Bond (Sheets of fabric glue that is ironed onto the backside of fabrics)
- "assorted" fabrics in solids, calicos, patriotic prints, colors to include reds, blues, neutrals, hair/skin tones. These are for student drawn images.
- baggies (optional)
- pins
- iron
- needle and thread (sewing machine optional)


**Teacher should iron on Heat n Bond to the back of "assorted" fabrics prior to beginning the project. Then the fabrics should be cut into smaller square shapes for students to use later.

1) Students draw * and color a flag-related/ symbols of America image on white paper. The image should fill most of the paper. The image can be enlarged on a copy machine if drawn too small. *This image will become the pattern to be used with the fabric, so simple drawings with geometric shapes work best.
2) Students or Teacher cuts student image into pattern pieces. (You may want to put them in baggies if you do not have time to do the next step right away)
3) Student chooses "assorted" fabric for each pattern piece.
4) Student or Teacher pins the pattern piece colored side facing down to the back of the fabric (Heat n Bond side).
5) Student or Teacher traces pattern piece onto the backside of the fabric to be cut out or cut out pattern piece with pattern pinned in place without tracing The Heat n Bond is a paper sheet with fabric glue on it. The fabric is stiff with the Heat n Bond and is easy to cut.
6) Student peels off paper from back of fabric and assembles pieces of image on red, white or blue square.
7) Teacher or Volunteer irons image onto square.
8) Teacher, Parent/Community Volunteer, and Students sew quilt squares together. This can be done by hand or with a sewing machine. Using a sewing machine for the outer edges neatly completes the quilt.
*For a large class, 2 or more students should collaborate on squares*

Bonded Image (before it is ironed on fabric square)

This is an example of one of the student images for our class "Quilt Flag".

When asked, "Why is this important to you?" the student responded

"I salute my flag." Jason, K2

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