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Steps in Planting Corn Inside

Cover the table with paper
Put your name on the label;
put the label on one of the cups
Place 10 small stones in the
bottom of the cup.
Fill the cup with soil.
Push your finger into the soil.

Drop 3 corn seeds in the hole

Cover the seeds with dirt
Add ¼ cup of water (2 ounces)
Put the second cup on top of the other
Wrap tape around the 2 cups.


Growing and Recording
Place the cup with the seeds in a warm place

Watch for green and record the date on the growth chart
Count the number of shoots and record on the growth chart
When the plant reaches the top of the cup, remove the second cup
When the plant is 3" high, pick the strongest looking seedling and remove the other 2 (if any)

Replanting in the Garden
When the temperature of the soil reaches 60 degrees and there is no danger of frost, plant the corn outside

Water the corn everyday

Watch it grow!!

Adapted from using Boardmaker (Mayer-Johnson) and Microsoft Word and Clip Art Gallery

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