Sample Reflections on Coming to America story

How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story

On a separate paper, use thoughtful sentences to answer these questions.

1. What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

2. What is this story about?

3. Why do you think the father decided to take the family to America?

4. What kind of belongings did the family take for the trip?

5. Why do you think the little girl always asks her father how long it will take to get to America?

6. Describe the boat the family takes to America.

7. What was the first challenge the family had to face during the trip?

8. How did the people in the boat survive during the trip?

9. What was the second problem the family had to face during the trip?

10. Another frightening experience was when they encountered soldiers on the shore. What happened this time?

11. On what day did the families arrive to America? Why do people remember that day?

12. Did you enjoy the story? Explain.

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