Ohrenberger Elementary School Classmate Immigration Interview 2002
Student Interviewer ___________________________________

Classmate Interviewee ___________________________________
Please use a separate paper and answer in complete sentences. Thank you.

Coming to America

1. In what country were you born? _________________________________

2. When did you come to America? _________________________________

3. How did you get to America? ___________________________________

4. How old were you when you came to America? ______________________

5. If you traveled with others, name them and describe your relationship.______

6. Why did you come to America?
a. To join my family
b. To have a better life
c. To challenge myself
d.To get a better job
e. To prove to myself I was good
To make a dream come true
Other(s) Explain___________________________________________________

7. How did you feel when you first arrived in America?
a Hopeful
b. Relieved
c. Scared
d. Challenged
e. Confident f. Alone on my own
Other(s) Explain ____________________________________________

8. Where and with whom did you first live? _________________________

9. Did you speak English when you first arrived? ______________________

10. How many years have you lived in America? ______________________

11. Has your life improved because you live in America? _______________________

12. What do you like about America?____________________________________

13. What do you dislike about America? __________________________________

14. What are your future plans? _______________________________________

15. What are your dreams for your children or family? _______________________

16. What do you like or dislike about American schools?______________________ _________________________________________________________________

17. What do you like or dislike about your American neighbors? ________________

18. Would you like to become an American Citizen? Why/why not? ___________________

Next: Student Survey
on Values

Student conducting survey ______________________________

Student Immigration Survey on Values

1. Choose one reason why your family came into the United States of America.
a. To be together with the rest of the family
b. To have more freedom
c. To have a better life
d. Other reason ____________________________________________

2. Of the following American values, what do you think is most important?
a. Freedom of speech
b. Freedom of religion
c. Freedom from fear
d. Freedom from want
e. Hard work
f. Respect for family
g. Right to an education
h. Right to pursue happiness

3. Why do you think your selected value is most important?

4. Do you like living in the United States of America? Why/Why not?

5. Draw a symbol or picture that you think stands for the USA.

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