Ohrenberger Elementary School

Theme: The American Flag

Read the following poem written by your teacher.
Then create a flag poem of your own.

The Flag Is My Refuge
In dire times, like today's,
The flag is my refuge.
She is brilliant and she flies.
Her stripes and stars are huge!

I have a large American flag,
A gift from my father in law.
I display her in my front yard.
He gave it to us once
When he returned from France.
He was in World War II
Europe 1945.
He saw the demise of Hitler who was a mad man.

Now America is at war again
With powerful enemies from far away lands.
They harbor hate, disrespect and lies
Creating anxiety and fear in all Americans.

My flag flies high, I see her everywhere.
The winter wind presses her to show strength.
No doubt she aims for victory,
Though in battle she may lose some threads.

The above poem shows how your teacher feels about his American Flag. What are your feelings when you see the flag? Write a poem about them.

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Ohrenberger Elementary School
Class exemplar May 9, 2002

My US Flag

In these tough times
The US flag is my refuge.
She is there to protect me
From scary things around.
I see her on all my friends’ cars,
She makes my heart joyful.
I cannot believe it.
Why can some people be so harmful?

She looks so pretty.
Hanging up there.
When the wind comes to strike her,
She comes back in good shape.
And she looks so straight!

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