Thanksgiving Cheers

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Thanksgiving Cheers

In September, we looked at a real sunflower and estimated the number of seeds.

Next, we made beautiful sunflower models.

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The week before Thanksgiving, we gathered oranges and apples to make our fruit baskets.

Here, we were bringing our gifts to the elderly center next to the school.

Wendy’s Grandma happily received a fruit basket from us.

Next, we sang a funny song called, “The Albuquerque Turkey”.

We said a Thanksgiving poem too.

This is Thanksgiving By Richie Tankersley

We presented two fruit baskets to Miss Lily Mui at the Elderly Center.

This gentleman thought Anthony’s card was the best.

The seniors said thank you in a beautiful card and they gave us some candies.

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Author: Lai Lai Sheung
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