Book List on Natural Disasters

* For Younger Readers

All About: Volcanoes, Amazing Explosions & Earthquakes by Robin Kerrod, 2000: Southwater Publishing

Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America by Jim Murphy 2000: Scholastic Trade

Disaster Science by The Editors of Klutz, 1998: Klutz Inc.

DK Readers: Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters by Harriet Griffey 1998: DK Publishers

* Earthquake in the Early Morning (Magic Tree House 24) by Mary Pope Osborne, 2001: Random House

* Earthquakes by Seymour Simon, 1995: Mulberry Books

* Natural Disasters by Clare Oliver, 1999: Golden Books

Natural Disasters: Quick & Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom by Jordan D. Brown, 2002: Scholastic Prof. Book Div.

Nature's Fury: Eyewitness Reports of Natural Disasters by Carole Garbuny Vogel, 2000: Scholastic Paperback

* Pompeii Buried Alive! (Step into Reading Book) by Edith Kunhardt, 1987: Random House

* The Big Flood by Wendy Pfeffer, 2001: Millbrook Press

* The Bravest of Us All by Marsha Diane Arnold 2000: Dial Books for Young Readers

The Great Fire (Newbery Honor Book) by Jim Murphy 1995: Scholastic Trade

* Tornadoes by Seymour Simon, 2001 Harper Collins Juvenile Books

* Twister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House 23) by Mary Pope Osborne, 2001: Random House

Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens by Patricia Lauber, 1993: Scott Foresman

* Volcanoes by Simon Seymour,1995: Mulberry Books

Why Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops: Questions and Answers about Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Melvin Berger et al, 2000: Scholastic Reference

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