Strategies for Success

Group Members:

Public Service Advertising Campaign

Conflict Resolution

Today is the last day to work on our posters in class. Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker presenting to us some important information about our Job Shadowship Day on Friday. On Wednesday you will be presenting your posters to a group of adult judges. You can work at home, before and after school, and at lunch today and Tuesday.

As a group please complete the following work evaluation and hand in at the end of class. This evaluation is part of your final grade for this project.

  • We have thought through the important points about our topic.
  • We have developed a compelling and logical presentation of our information.
  • We have chosen strong persuasive language.
  • We have chosen relevant graphics.
  • We have developed an attractive layout.
  • We are confident that our poster will educate our audience,

If you cannot answer yes to each of these questions then you should determine what work your group still needs to do. In the space below outline the tasks that need to be completed and the person in your group that is responsible for completing that task.

Group Member Task


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