The Path to Network Certification


Madison Park Technical Vocational High School


Fundamentals of Networking


During their Sophomore year, students acquire a comprehensive foundation in:

PC Hardware and PC Software

Network Hardware and Network Software

3Com/NetPrep Training in:

Introduction to Networking

Introduction to Local Area Networks

In hands on-labs, students learn:


·         Computer assembly and disassembly


·         Computer theory


·         Preventive maintenance and safety procedures.


·         Minor upgrading


·         Operating systems


·         Methods of diagnosis


·         Troubleshooting procedures 


·         Memory optimization


·         Partitioning and formatting hard drives


Students gain the ability to diagnose and fix many common problems. Students practice solving  real-world computer problems. 


Those who pass CCNA certification are able to work in the industry as Networking technicians.  Certification competency usually cannot be gained in the first year.


Cisco Networking Academy


The Cisco Networking Academy Program centers on teaching students to design, build, and maintain computer networks. But the significance goes well beyond the central lesson plan. Using Web technologies, the program prepares students for the 21st century workplace and simultaneously serves as a valuable model for successful e-learning.

Topics Covered include:


·         Cabling and Connections

·         Electronics and Signals

·         Media, Connections and Collisions

·         The OSI Model

·         Protocols

·         Switch setup and management

·         Routers, hubs, and bridges

·         Network Security

·         Network Design and Documentation



What is Networking Certification?


·         A testing program sponsored by the Cisco Systems, an Industry leader in Networking Communications that certifies competency in the computer industry.


·         The program is developed and supported by major computer hardware and software vendors, distributors, resellers and publications.


·         Earning Certification means that you possess the knowledge, skills, and customer relations skills essential for a successful networking technician as defined by experts from companies across the industry.







·        Who Can Apply?

All students are welcome to apply.



·        What are the beginning standards?

Beginners need to be self-starting computer users with a good working knowledge of Windows or DOS.



·        Who sponsors the Program?

Madison Park, Cisco Educational Systems,  School to Career, the Office of Instructional Technology, in Boston, and TechBoston



·        Who provides courseware and  curriculum?

Cisco Systems, WestNet Inc., NetPrep, 3Com, MegaTech, and CES Industries



·        How long does the Networking Path last?

Three years, culminating in CCNA Certification






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