Work Report

Date: 3/22/01 Start Time 3/10/01 Finish Time: 3/22/01
E--- F---
Computer Type: HiQ Pentium I computer, belonging to Nurse C----
Serial #
CPU: 200 Mhz Pentium RAM: 32 MB EDO RAM HDD Western Digital 3 GB CD 24X Creative Labs OS
Problem 1
Network card not responding; wrong driver installed for NIC
Problem 2
Operating system abnormalities; suspect corrupted registry
Problem 3
Error messages: Network error messages in POST; windows network error messages (red flags)
Missing DLL files
Job Description

Provide loaner computer to Nurse C____.

Back up Nurse C_____'s data, partition and format Hard drive, upgrade to windows 98, reinstall Microsoft Office; restore backed up data, configure protocol stacks, find right driver for NIC, test for connectivity and normal function, return to service

Set up reformatted computer in the nurse's office, run final check, get feedback, and return to lab with Loaner.

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