Writing Friendly Letters


The Boston Home Letter Connection


In a friendly letter, you are usually writing to someone whom you know pretty well - a friend or relative. This time, however, you are going to be exchanging letters with a resident of The Boston Home. You will be “talking” to that person on paper, just as if you were talking on the phone. Make sure that your letter sounds friendly and is interesting. 


Your letter should have the correct format:

o         heading

o         greeting (salutation)

o         body

o         closing

o         signature


Your first letter should contain the following information:


1.               introduction

                  3    your name, age, grade

                  3    what you look like

                  3 your family


2.               interests

     3    hobbies and interests

     3    favorite school subjects

                  3    clubs or activities you participate in


3.               questions about themselves

                  3    where are they from

                  3    previous employment

                  3    how long they’ve lived at the Boston Home

                  3    birthday

                  3    family makeup


4.               thanks to resident for agreeing to be your pen pal

                  3    tell them you look forward to getting a letter from them SOON

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