Student Samples of Self-Portrait Poems

I am tall like a statue.

My eyes are the color of bronze.

I am like a tree rising,

but like a flower blooming.

I am fast like a cheetah.

I am fun, fantastic and friendly.

Some people say I'm

dependable, deceitful and demanding.

I am a flower blooming.

I am a flower blooming.

I am a number one -

standing straight and tall.

My hair is fluffy like fur.

My head is round like a circle.

Me and my friends play a game that

Involve shooting a ball into a basket.

The food I like best is steak on

bread with ketchup and cheese.

I am Jethro G______!


I'm Miss Lynn B______

but people call me Kane.

I'm 12-years-old and I live in Boston.

My skin color is ginger like spice

with everything nice.

My eyes are like coffee beans.

My hair is ebony like a black cat

and soft like a rug.

Ms. Sparrow says I remind her of a Georgia Peach.

My favorite hobby is to kick a ball

around and run some bases.

I love to eat pepperoni with cheese

on baked dough.

I am a computer.

My best friend is Shamika.

My favorite comment is "Miss Sparrow."

I'm bossy, beautiful and brilliant.

Lynn is lively when she writes love letters.

I am shy when Ms. Sparrow says

something good about me to another teacher.

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