Making T-Shirt Gifts

Students can personalize T-shirts with poems they have written and individual photos.  Students can also place stories or artwork they have created on their shirts. 



        Cotton or cotton/poly blend fabric T-shirt

         (white works best)

        Poem - word processed

        Color photo of student

        Inkjet printer

        Inkjet t-shirt iron-on transfer paper

        Household iron*

        Heat-safe table top (hard surface)*




Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using their iron-on transfers.

Basic instructions are:


1.      After typing the poem, use your graphics program to “reflect” or

         flip the design horizontally so that the printer prints a mirror image of your original design.

2.      Place transfer paper into printer.

3.      Select printer paper  (media) according to manufacturers directions.

4.      Print your poem onto the transfer paper.

5.      Scan color photo onto second sheet of transfer paper.

6.      Preheat iron to hottest setting (cotton or linen).

7.      Place Pillow case on table top, then lay t-shirt on pillow case and iron shirt to remove wrinkles.

8.      Place transfer on the warm fabric, design side down, where you want it positioned.

9.      Place iron on transfer and hold firmly for three-five minutes.

10.    After transfer cools, gently peel and remove the paper backing from the fabric.


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